Professionals and new arrivals to the fastener industry, especially those in distribution and sales, need a basic understanding of Bolts, Nuts & Washers. fastenerdata information is instantly available online covering products, methods, materials and all you need to know about fasteners, nuts bolts and screws. 

What do you know about fasteners fastener knowledge



fastener Glossary of definitions        fastener Coating

fastener Class Grades                         fastener Locking

fastener Materials                                fastener Screw Drives

fastener Forging                                   fastener Screw Heads

fastener Thread Production               fastener Thread Basics

fastener Heat Treatment                    fastener Quality

                     fastener product families







what is a fastener?

what is the history of fasteners

fastener Glossary of definitions

fastener Coating

fastener Class Grades

fastener Locking

fastener Materials                               

fastener Screw Drives

fastener Forging                                   

fastener Screw Heads

fastener Thread Production               

fastener Thread Basics

fastener Heat Treatment                   

fastener Quality


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