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Metal Washers

Washers are a vital component in every assembly in the fastening process and are a required component for successful operation. Washers can be used under the head of the fastener, bolt, screw and nut; and in many instances at multiple points in the assembly. Washers are designed to perform functions in particular applications and include locking, load spreading, protection, decorative, tension indicating, sealing, or a combination of these roles. Washers are also important for preventing galvanic corrosion, particularly by insulating steel screws from aluminium surfaces.  


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Washer Hardness


Washer History

Washers have an in-depth history being used primarily on wheel axles to reduce damage to the wooden wheel and axles.

Historical records as written at the time:

1346   Accts. Exchequer King's Remembrancer    Whashers 

1544   Henry VIII XIX   Spare wheles for small ordynaunce 12 pair, lynce~pynnes, wasshers

1611   Queen Anna's New World of Words   An iron hoope, amongst gunners called a washer, which serues to keepe the iron pin at the end of the axeltree from wearing the naue.  

1682   Town of Providence (Rhode Island)  3 Cart boxes, i lince pinn & a washer 

1795   Herschel in Philosophy (Royal Soc.)   It is keyed fast with proper washers between the joints to allow of a very smooth motion.

1805   Practicle Agriculture,   Every tooth screws through a double frame separated by iron washers for greater steadiness.



Flat washers                      
Category      Comparison     

Din Standard Metric         Product   Comparison  

British Standard Metric    Product   Comparison     

USA Standard Metric        Product   Comparison      

Inch British standard        Product   Comparison    

Inch USA standard            Product   Comparison                

Fender Penny Repair Washers   Product        

Hardened washers            Category      

Square Washers                 Product    

Square Hole washer          Product     carriage bolt   




Spring washers   Split Lock washer    Product   

Ribbed Contact Locking washer  

Serrated Safety Locking washer              Schnorr     

Wedge Locking washer                       Nord-lock     Heico     Disc-lock     Grower       

Internal Tooth Lock washer              Shakeproof Product      Fan disc Product     

External Tooth Lock washer            Shakeproof Product       Fan disc Product    

Toothed washers Countersunk        Product    

Toothed internal external combined washer   Product    




Structural washers         Product    

Load Indicating Washer  Coronet washer    Product   

Taper Washer                  Product 




Disc spring washers   Product  

Belleville Washer    

Cylindrically Curved washer   Product    

Wave washer              Product     

Tab washer                 Product    

Neoprene washer

Fibre washer   

Screw Cup  finishing washer    

Countersunk washer    

Spherical Conical seat  washer Product      

Shoulder washer      Product    

SEMS washer           Product   

Keps nut                   Product     

Combi nut                 Product


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