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Non Standard Socket Screw is a major stockist & manufacturer of high-quality fasteners. 

Setting standards since their establishment in 1971 they have the capacity to supply a unique range of products, from prototype to special to standard. 

With a range that begins at M1.4 up to M64 (and imperial equivalents) and lengths as long as 700mm

Non Standard Socket Screw aim to provide unparalleled service. 

NSSS is accredited to BS ISO 9001 ensuring quality products meeting worldwide standards that are distributed to a customer base that extends across 5 continents. 

Non Standard Socket Screws manufacturing plant has been developed over the past 40 years to meet customer’s special requirements and includes Double Blow hot forging presses, Automatic Sprints, C.N.C’s plus

thread rolling grinding and milling machines.  

Heat treatment is performed on site to ensure total control of the highest standard from raw material to finished product, offering full batch traceability. 

Stock products and special turned parts can be manufactured in most alloy and non-ferrous materials.