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Fastener Corporate Video a vital Business Tool

The corporate video will be a major percentage of all internet traffic by the end of the decade. As you have probably observed, the video is becoming a mainstream business practice, and we see savvy brands in B2B space use video in innovative ways. The popularity of video is it is a low-cost tool and software for deploying video technology have made it easier to integrate real-time strategies into the business workplace.

Over half of marketing professionals identified video as the content delivering the best return on investment.  The applications for video as an internal business device or external marketing tool are endless, and it’s accessible to all staff, from administrative assistants to executives. It’s crucial that companies utilise video to more effectively communicate with employees, to reach current and future customers. 

Video adds value to business communication, but it also personalises internal communications in a way that can have a significant impact on corporate culture. New tools provide innovative ways to communicate with your workforce. For example, instead of sending the team your usual quarterly business newsletter, why not send a video message. Visual content is more personal and more natural to absorb, bringing both your customers and teams up close and personal. Employees are more likely to enjoy and engage with, the content.

In addition to the benefits corporate video provides from a culture standpoint, the video makes internal collaboration more relaxed. Taking email out of the equation and get your customer or team face-to-face, allows the users to resolve problems more rapidly, get projects completed more efficiently, and enjoy working with one another developing closer relationships along the way. Training and ongoing education within a business environment are enhanced with video changing everything. Using video helps keep your training materials fresh, adds accessibility on demand and lets your team or customer learn or get an update.

By producing a step by step tutorial or a video demonstration and adding it to your website and of course to your YouTube channel; will educate customers with product knowledge 24/7  and will provide a valuable service, but by decreasing troubleshooting calls. Marketing professionals are starting to realise the potential in creating specifically tailored email messages for potential clients. Video attachment or link in an email campaign boosts read rates and substantially improves click-through rates.

When converting a lead into a sale, there’s a lot to be said for real-time video collaboration, Skype or similar. Person to person interactions relies on visual cues and body language to close a deal. It doesn’t matter how clear a phone line might or how precise the language in an email, nothing is as communicative as body language and being able to look someone squarely in the eyes when talking with them. Your business development team can take sales calls to the next level by using video, and the chances are good that they’ll close more deals as a result.

It’s imperative for today’s businesses to keep up with both the rapid pace of technology and the desire for more personalised communications for both employees and customers. As more workplaces go mobile, and companies go global, video can have a positive impact on your internal communications and culture, help reduce costs and make collaboration more efficient, more useful, more enjoyable and, improve customer relations and service; adding value to your email marketing efforts and boost your sales results.