Fastener Educational Videos

Fastener video

Fastener Educational Videos helps you to appreciate the effort that goes into making a simple fastener product. Forging and forming fasteners and rolling threads or taping are important methods of fastener manufacturing. 


Hot forging fastener Video

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Cold-formed fastener production Video 



Two Die Thread Rolling Video 














Flat Die Thread Rolling Video















Thread rolling other methods




Screw methods 

There are four methods used to produce screw threads. The technique chosen for any one application is selected based on constraints; time, money, the degree of precision required, availability of equipment, what equipment based upon the volumes to be produced.

Generally, specific thread-generating processes fall along a line from turned toolroom-made screws to mass-produced parts; thread rolling is the dominant method, all other methods historically based.

Cut threads are weaker than Rolled threads, rolled threads can have an up to 20% in tensile strength and increase fatigue and wear resistance.