Barrel Electro Coatings

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barrel electroplating of fasteners

Zinc plated fasteners

Zinc plated fasteners are coated by the barrel electroplating process. This process creates a surface covering in which Zinc or another metal is deposited on a conductive steel surface. Electroplating is an old process and has been around for hundreds of years; it is critical for modern technology.


Barrel electroplating involves a chemical solution with the ionic form of the metal, an anode (positively charged) which may consist of the metal being plated or an insoluble anode and finally, a cathode (negatively charged) where electrons are supplied to produce a film of non-ionic metal.


Fastener Coating Benefits

Plating of fasteners is primarily for corrosion inhibition, also to improve the ability for the fastener to be:

  • Soldered
  • Surface hardened
  • Improve wear life
  • Reduce friction
  • Improve paint adhesion
  • Alter conductivity
  • Give a decorative finish.



In addition to the Zinc protection against corrosion, a post-plating dip is applied to the zinc coating which is called a passivate or conversion coating.This additional process leaves a thin chromate film which screens the zinc from oxidizing.


The effectiveness of this two-layer system determines the overall corrosion performance of the coating.



zinc plated fasteners




zinc electroplated fasteners