Xylan Screw Coating

Fastener coating known by its trade name Xylan® produced by Whitford is one of the most well-known industrial and fastener coatings. 

It is a fluoropolymer and has a high resistance to solvents, acids, and bases. 

Xylan can be obtained in over 300 grades many of which contain other additives such as PTFE. PTF materials with these additives are also known as Dry Film, and the materials are dry to touch. 

Xylan Fastener Properties

Depending upon the grade chosen the properties that this coating offers:

  • Abrasion resistance 
  • Acid rain resistant
  • Chemical resistance
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Road chemical resistant
  • Saltwater resistant
  • Wear resistance

 Xylan Fasteners have a wide operating temperature range: from -250°C to +285°C. 

 Flexible curing, ambient to 440°C 

 Low Coefficient of Friction, UV stable, Excellent adhesion to most metals. Can be supplied in a variety of colours.


Xylan coated fasteners




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