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Vendor-Managed-Inventory VMI 

  • Direct Line Feed

  • Just In Time

  • Stock Replenishment 

  • Vending Machines  


vendor managed fastener systems



Used extensively in Japan Kanban is a system designed for fastener and Class product held in trays or bins at the assembler’s workstation. Traditionally a three tray system, one tray with the assembler, one in the factory stores and one with the supplier.

The quantity, volume, depletion rate and dimensions of the fastener product will dictate the number of trays in the system at any time.

The customer is responsible for providing the accurate and relevant usage data and the predicted replenishment schedule. 

Over time the supplier builds up historical data analysis and can provide suggestions as to increasing or decreasing the amount of stock held.  

This is usually a contractual agreement and part of the advantage to the end user. 


Direct Line Feed 

Fasteners, racks and bins are delivered to site; they remain the property of the fastener distributor. It is contracted to the customer that sufficient insurance cover is in place, to accommodate the cost of replacement, should damage occur. 

Fastener consumption analysis and the initial inventory are calculated based on the refill cycle and batch manufactured quantities. 

The fastener suppliers operative, manages the bin system, to an agreed schedule. Usage is evaluated and empty bins replaced. 

The customer pays only for the fasteners in the replacement bins. 

The use of plastic bins removes the need for disposal of cardboard.  


Just in time 

This is an extension of Kanban; the difference is that fastener product is only held at the workstation and with the fastener supplier; no fastener inventory is held in the customer's stores. 

The complexities of ensuring the operator always has fastener product usually fall on the fastener distributor, who is contracted with penalties to keep the production line feed. 

The customer only pays for the product delivered to the production line.


Vending solutions 

The Edge is a vending machine that is ideal for use with smaller consumables.  It can hold a large number of items and can be tailored to suit your needs.  It will comfortably hold Cutters, tips, drill bits, screwdriver bits, pipe, abrasives and much more. The unique feature of this system is that your users are issued with user access to allow product selection.  The user enters what item they want and only that item dispenses.  It is captured on the fully automated system that is included with each machine and allows access to usage reports as well as a host of other information. 


The Axcess locker is another option when considering the cost of running your business.  This vending machine is most suited to bulkier items that would not fit into an Edge system. The Locker controls the use of PPE such as gloves, masks, hard hats, goggles and more. As with the Edge, it is fully user activated and can have items removed or replaced at any time.  Due to the user activation, you can monitor who has used the items, when they were taken and when they were replaced. As with the Edge, it can be run completely independently or linked to our system for seamless ordering and replenishment and based on the information gathered by the vending machine, 


Fastener Vendor Managed Inventory systems, VMI

Fastener Vendor Managed Inventory systems, VMI are designed to assure continuity of supply whilst freeing you from the restraints of continual replenishment purchase orders for the same items over and over again.  The system’s strengths require a trust and partnership between both customer and supplier, a bond that ultimately ensures excellent customer service without excuses.  The replenishment process is triggered by nearly empty bins which allow for point of use invoicing, which in turn streamlines your stock profile and has the potential to free up cash from items that maybe have been purchased but remain unused for some period of time under the old procurement method. 

By using our multi-bin barcoding technology suppliers are able to deliver a solution which allows you to be confident of the availability of all parts within the defined ‘Multi-Bin’ range.  Barcode and GSM technologies ensure simple, accurate, fault free and instant recording of items and allow transmission back to the office for immediate re-supply pf the fasteners and 'C' items you need. By correctly calibrating the Bin Quantities and number of bins and ensuring you have enough working stock at your premises suppliers can scan, collect, re-fill and deliver back the bins to your stores rack long before you are ever in danger of exhausting the other bins.

Confidence in the availability of items 

  • No need to plan supply
  • Supply and delivery at convenient, regular intervals
  • Reduction in inventory value
  • Reduced cost to supply chain
  • Customer reduced transaction costs
  • Electronic Data Interchange
  • Consolidated monthly invoice
  • Visibility at all stages.
  • Availability of items


Fastener Systems management and Vendor-Managed-Inventory VMI

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