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U shaped bent bar fastener threaded at both ends used primarily in suspension and related areas of vehicle construction. Product


Spring sheet metal clips used to put a thread on sheet plate, used in conjunction with self tapping screws and machine screws   Product


An instrument which can measure the change in length of a fastener ultrasonically as the fastener is tightened or measure the length before and after it is tightened).


The Unbrako socket screw brand is over 80 years old. Developed in the 1920s, it rapidly became the socket screw of choice for engineers in the US and Britain. After World War II, the product spread to all worldwide market.


Unified National Coarse (UNC) is a thread form with a 60 degree flank angle rounded roots and flat crests. For a given diameter it has a larger thread pitch than an equivalent diameter UNF thread. The unified thread is based on inch sizes and was first standardised in 1948 unifying the Whitworth and American standard thread forms.   Thread


Unified National Extra Fine (UNEF) is a Unified thread form with a very fine (small) pitch that are typically used on instruments and parts requiring a fine adjustment.


Unified National Fine (UNF) is a thread form with a 60 degree flank angle rounded roots and flat crests. For a given diameter it has a smaller thread pitch than an equivalent diameter UNC thread.   Thread


Unified National (UN) thread form with a rounded root contour, applies only to external threads. (The UN thread form has a flat, or optionally, a rounded root contour.) The majority of fasteners with a Unified thread form (UNC UNF) have a rounded root contour i.e. are UNR threads. 


The basic American standards for fastening screw threads as agreed upon by standard bodies of Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United States. They are a complete and integrated system of threads for fastening purposes. Their outstanding characteristic is general interchangeability of threads achieved through the standardization of thread form, diameter-pitch combinations, and limits of size.  Detail




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