Silver Plated Nuts and Bolts

Fasteners Silver Plated

Silver Plating Fasteners Improves the performance of the screw bolt or nut.

Many manufacturers in industries such as aerospace, automotive, defence and electronics have turned to silver plated fasteners to provide them with superior performance for many modern applications.

It makes sense to use silver plating for fasteners

Whatever type of fastener, screw or bolt you use on your products, you need to know that it is ‘up to the job’.  Silver plating for fasteners can solve a range of problems and can improve fastener performance.


Silver plated fastener benefits

Fasteners silver plated have outstanding corrosion resistance to a broad range of chemicals

Exceptional anti-galling and anti-fretting due to its low friction and higher lubricity,

Enhanced electrical properties such as outstanding conductivity and excellent solderability.

Silver does not degrade and is effective at high temperatures.

Silver is oxidation resistant; it does not oxidise at high temperatures, silver is perfect for use in fasteners for exhaust systems or heat exchangers.

Fasteners that are subjected to wear, chemicals, high temperatures, or need a high level of conductivity, should be silver plated to ensure your fasteners give great performance and longevity of use.