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NICKED THREADS            

Nicks or indentations in threads can occur during the manufacturing process, during fastener transportation and barrel plating. In general, nicked thread problems tend to increase as the thread diameter increases and for fine pitches. There are acceptance tests for nicked threads that involve measuring the maximum torque required to drive a GO gauge down the thread. Examples of acceptance tests are SAE J123 and the Ford Motor specification WA990 1993. Nicks and indentations in threads are sometimes referred to as gouges.


The diameter equal to the external diameter of the threads.


Nord-Lock produce a two piece Locking washer, Nord-Lock washers secure bolted joints with tension instead of friction. It is a high quality product with documented success in many industries worldwide.  Product


A metal block or sleeve having an internal thread made to assemble with the external thread on a bolt, screw, or other threaded part. It may be to fastening or to adjust.  


Under load, the wedging action of the threads causes dilation of the nut resulting in an increase in the minor diameter of the nut, and reducing the effective shear areas of both the external and internal threads.


A torque control fastener tightening tool that is usually powered by compressed air. The design of the tool is such that attempts are made to ensure that the applied torque is independent of joint stiffness.


Non-metallic fasteners made of a Nylon material that has a low dielectric constant and relatively high tensile strength, enabling it to resist high voltage at commercial frequencies. It can also operate at continuous temperatures as high as 120 degrees C.   Detail

NYLOC ® NUT       

A torque prevailing nut that uses a nylon patented insert to provide a locking feature. The nylon insert, it is claimed, helps to seal the bolt thread against seepage of water, oil, petrol, paraffin and other liquids. The nut is covered by UK patent 8028437 and European patent 81303450-1, Nyloc is a registered trade name.

The term Nyloc is also considered generic to the Nylon insert nut family. Product 


A term used to describe a locking nut which has a nylon prevailing torque locking insert. The nylon insert nut family fit into this category both metric and Inch.




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