Machine Screws

Standard Machine screws are readily available and are stocked by most general fastener stockists.

machine screw fasteners

This page is for the fastener companies that stock standard machine screws and can obtain or produce out of the ordinary Machine screws.

  • Long lengths
  • Large heads
  • Different drive types
  • Unusual materials
  • Metric
  • Fine threads
  • Unc-Unf
  • Higher grades
  • Large volumes


The modern Machine screw is rolled-thread parallel shank screws, with a slotted, pozi, Phillips, cross recess or a Robertson square drive. It is used in tapped holes and can be used with nuts. Machine screws do hot have washer faces and are generally made in lower tensile mild steel, brass, aluminium and stainless steel. The most popular heads are Pan and Countersunk though a large range of head types are available such as raised countersunk and cheese head.