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K FACTOR           

The factor in the torque tightening equation: T=KDF where T is the fastener tightening torque in Newton metres, D is the fastener diameter in metres, F is the fasteners preload in Newtons and K is a factor whose value is often taken as 0.2. The formula gives the approximate tightening torque for standard fasteners used under normal conditions. The K factor is also known as the nut factor and the torque coefficient.


A pre-assembled captive nut and shakeproof washer assembly, the washer is attached to the nut so that it won't fall off. The origin of the word came from ShaKEProof. The s on the end being acquired due to them being purchased in quantities usually greater than one.   Product   


A small block or wedge inserted between shaft and hub to prevent circumferential movement. Different types include Woodruff, Gib and Saddle   Product


Hexagon wrench keys are available as individual 'L' keys, as keys with T handles, also as knife sets and can be produced with ball ends for flexible engagement.  Product 


A roughened surface produced by contact with a wheel which forces metal above the surface while making indentations below the surface. apply to socket set screw points and wing nut ears  Product   






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