Nuts Large Diameters Special Sizes


Nut diameters in excess of M36  and 1.1/2" are normal for the Nut producers that promote their skills on this page. Manufacturing turned nuts from bright bar conforming to British, German DIN, ISO and American standards with slots and locking mechanisms as standard. 



The Large Nut range extends to : 

Full Nuts

Lock Nuts half nuts

All Metal Locking Nuts

Nylon Insert Self Locking Nuts

Castle Nuts

Dome Nuts

Flange Nuts

Slotted Nuts

Special Nuts




Producers of these large nuts have the skills to produce nuts with special threads and unique properties



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Hexagon Nuts

Hex Nuts are industrial fasteners that have one threaded hole. Nuts are used as the female mating part in a nut and bolt assembly being part of a fastening subassembly. Hexagon nuts have the most common shape, one with six sides, because this gives proper granularity of angles for a spanner or wrench tools giving a side or top approach. If there were a larger number of corners this would mean higher angles and a risk of nut rounding with removal issues.

Hex Nut Forging

Hexagon nut hot forged, have been in mass production since the mid 19th century following the hot forging of the hexagon bolt; cold forged nuts became available in the 20th century as the forging machinery developed.

Bright Hex Nuts

Large nuts are traditionally produced by turning, and this is still the practice today; the smaller nuts lend themselves to cold or hot forging. Today's CNC machines production of large nuts can be rapid and accurate and for very large diameters the lathe is still the prefered method of production.