Metric Square Cone Washer Steel

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Metric Square Cone Washer Steel

BA maxA minC maxC minD
M 3     6.19     6.34    1.55    0.99    0.64
M 3.5     7.82     7.52    1.55    0.99    0.64
M 4     8.46     8.20    1.65    1.32    0.76
M 5     9.73     9.47    2.59    1.65    0.94
M 6  12.90  12.57    2.24    1.63    0.99

Square Cone washer.

Square washers have two configurations, this dual action spring washer has two separate load deflection rates. The configurations act in unison to provide a reliable low-torque, controlled tension fastener.

Square Cone

The Square cone provides a higher retained clamp load and improved compensation for thermal cycling and vibration. This fastener is capable of accepting a high tension load while maintaining alive spring action and generates a constant load, even with variations in installation torques. By increasing the acceptable driving torque range, it enhances flexibility in component design.

Square Cone washer deflection

The Square Cone washer's long deflection and two-stage loading contribute to better assembly control during installation, improving tool bit life and rapidly reduce operator fatigue. The clamping load is directed toward the outer diameter of the washer and prevents stress cracking problems around clearance holes making the fastener ideal for clamping fragile materials.

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