fastener & fixing products, how to find them  

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fastenerdata website visitors expect to find horizontal navigation across the top or vertical navigation down the left side. Putting navigation in standard places makes fastenerdata site easier to use. That means a lower bounce rate, more pages per visit and higher conversions, the fastenerdata site is designed in this way to find fastener products with ease.

We move our eyes much faster than we move the mouse when we move the mouse to a menu item, we’ve already decided to click and then the drop down gives us more options. It’s a moment of friction in our minds as visitors, accordingly, fastenerdata offer a side menu that is available with easy to drill down, giving the second route to the products you require.

Comprehensive database of all fastener data and information, related fastener dimensional tables and detailed drawings of fasteners; available sizes, head types, head drives and measurements. Fastener standards and fastener non-standards, with material range; every piece of fastener data you will need. 

fastener data at fastenerdata 

Fastener companies are adding their own unique fastener products to the fastener data website, the fastener site is growing daily. Fasteners consist of hexagon Bolts and bolts with various heads, Socket head screws Allen screws of all types, a diverse range of screws and the washers and nuts to go with them with dimensions of all things fastener and fixing 

Hexagon bolts have a six-sided head are the industry standard for fasteners with forged heads. Hexagon bolts can be used for many different applications that include fastening wood, steel, and other construction materials for projects such as docks, bridges, highway structures, and buildings. Hex bolts with forged heads are also commonly used as headed anchor bolts.  

How to find fastener products

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