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fastening specific website seen by millions of potential fastener buyers, engineers and potential customers who are looking for technical information and a global source of fastener supply. 3100 dimensional product pages accessed through web search engines, weekly Newsletters and partner Links   

Website marketing

A single click on your fastenerdata website advertisement takes you to a place of your choice: 

    • Your company website.
    • Your company email.
    • Your company video.
    • Your own fastenerdata web page
    • Your Literature.


Three minute video  



Yearly web advertising makes your advert visible 24/7, for 365 days of the year; not once every two months. 

Google Analytics enables us to supply visitor numbers for specific pages.

Proactivity is the model for the success of fastenerdata, we have a growing following of fastener manufacturers, distributors and specifiers; visiting and promoting on the fastenerdata website. 

Marketing is the life force of every business. In this digital age, increasing sales and net profit are dependant on being able to successfully use available marketing technologies. There are many ways to get your marketing message across; don’t underestimate the value of online display advertising that promotes product or service through visually appealing text as well as graphics and video.

Strategic placement of display promotions is critical. placing them on the fastenerdata website that already enjoys wide patronage of your target market, makes the adverts relevant and timely. Creating a successful advertising campaign increases the chance of your logo’s getting noticed, and product bought by your targets.

fastenerdata completes your branding circle. Online display advertising does not really replace traditional methods of advertising, it completes the branding circle. The Internet with its billions of users around the world has huge potentials to open new opportunities for businesses to grow and expand. Tradition media advertising in print, magazines and exhibitions – alone cannot reach every market anymore particularly when building brands. You need to complement current media with online advertising to tap the Web’s enormous market.

Capturing the market through remarketing/retargeting. Do you want another run to get a second or a third chance to capture a target market? Your target market may not be converted the first time they see your banner, that happens quite often. Display advertising through remarketing is a great way to remind customers of your product and service that offers a solution to a need or problem.

Enjoy lower marketing cost. Online display advertising is not at all expensive; printed media and magazine typically cost more. In fact, this kind of advertising is levelling the playing field for small entrepreneurs with limited resources. With billions of Internet users, you can reach so many more target users.

Online display advertising campaigns are strategies that can improve the visibility of your fastener products and brand. It is an efficient way that can help you adapt with the demands of modern times and to evolve an effective marketing plan.