Glossary of Fastener and Fixing Terminology

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 Glossary of Fastener and Fixing Terminology

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a2 stainless steel fasteners a4 stainless steel fasteners acorn nut acme thread aerotight nut ageing aging air hardening allen alloy allthread anaerobic adhesive angle controlled tightening anco nuts annealing anodise ansi  american national standards institute anti friction coating anti seize compound asme austenitic
barrel nut basic thread profile beam clamp bearing nuts bearing stress belleville binding head bi hexagon head bi lock nuts binx nut black bolts and nuts blind rivet bolt breakaway torque break loose torque brinell hardness test british standard brass british standard cycle thread bsc broaching bsf bsi  british standards institute bsw  whitworth bugle head button head bump thread
cadmium electroplating cage nuts cap head cap nut captive nut captive screws carbo nitriding carp nut carriage bolt case case hardening castle nut ce marking centre (center) lock nuts charpy test chamfer point chipboard screw circlip clamping force class of fit cleveloc nut  clevis clevis pin clinch nut coach screw coarse pitch coefficient of friction cold heading
dacromet decompression point de embrittle design form of thread din direct tension indicators dog point double end stud dome nut dowel pin dowel screw drive screw dynamic friction effective diameter effective nut diameter
effective diameter effective nut diameter effective nut radius elastic limit electroplating electroless nickel elevator bucket bolt elongation embedment engineers stud environmentally assisted cracking (eac) escutcheon pin eye bolt external force load external thread
fan disc locking washers ferry bolts fine pitch fillister head fit flange bolt flat head flex loc nuts floating type flange joint fluoro carbon thread coating forging friction friction stabilizers fundamental deviation fundamental triangle height
galling galvanise geomet gimlet point grain structure grip length grub screw
half dog point hammer drive screw hard joint hardness of steel hardened washers head marking heat tightening helical spring washer heli coil hexavalent chrome high strength friction grip bolts hold drive bolts holo krome hook bolt hook nuts hot bolting hot dip spun galvanised hot forging hydraulic tensioner hydrogen embrittlement
impact wrench instantaneous centre of rotation integral fastener internal thread isir  initial sample inspection report iso international organisation for standardisation
j bolt jack nuts jam nuts joint control tightening jost effect
k factor key key hexagon keps nut knurled
lag bolt latches left hand thread length of engagement lindapter load indicating washers lock bolts lock nut load indicating washer lock washer dished lock washer serrated lock washer spring lock washer toothed
machine screw major diameter meanshift metal to metal contact flange joint minor diameter model engineers thread molly nut molybdenum disulphide nicked threads nominal diameter
nicked threads nominal diameter nord lock nut nut dilation nut runner nylon fasteners nyloc nut nylon insert nut
octagon head oil quench oval point overtapping
palnut pan head parabolt particle board screw passivation patch pellet pentagon head philidas nuts phillips recessed head phosphating conversion coating piles pipe plug pipe screw thread pitch pitch diameter plain finish plating plow bolt pooching pozidriv preload prevailing torque prevailing torque nut proof load property class prying push washers push nuts
quench steel fasteners washers
r clip reach rebar recessed head reduced shank bolt relaxation retaining ring ribbed neck bolts right hand thread rilsan rivet rockwell hardness test rolled thread root diameter round head run out screw screw thread security
screw screw thread security screws self colour self drilling self locking self loosening self tapping screws sems nut sems screw sems washer serrated flange bolt serrated flange nuts serrated locking washers set screw cone point cup point dog point flat point knurled cup point oval point shake proof locking washers shank shear bolt shear nut shear strength sherardising sherardizing shim
tab washers tamper proof screw tap bolt taper pin taper washers tapping screws taylor forge method t head bolt   tee nut pronged tee nut slab based tempering tension washers tensile strength terminal stud thread crest thread flank thread forming screws thread height thread length thread locker thread root thread runout thumb screw thunder bolts tin zinc alloy electroplating tips tolerance class tolerance grade
u bolt u nut ultrasonic extensometer unbrako unc unef unf unr unified thread standards
vargal nut vickers hardness test virtual effective diameter
washer washer head washer face waisted shank bolt wave washers weee weld screws weld stud well nut wheel nut whit or whitworth wing nut wing screw wire thread insert wood screw woodruff key wrench
x grade imperial xylan coating protection finish
yield controlled tightening yield point yield strength
zinc electroplating zinc flake coatings zinc phosphate conversion coating zinc/cobalt alloy electroplating
12 point bolts and nuts 18/8 stainless steel fasteners 18/10 stainless steel fasteners 304 stainless steel fasteners 316 stainless steel fasteners


FASTENER TERMINOLOGY     fastener nomenclature


A full glossary of standard terminology and technical terms used in the fixings and fastener industry. Information links with technical drawings, images and dimensional tables for over 3000 fastener products. Bolts, Nuts, Screws, washers, threaded and unthreaded fastener and fixing products.


Links to further detail to expand and give you a complete picture of the term.



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