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    Thread Locking Nylon Patch

    Pre-applied Nylon patch thread locking is a pevialing torque patch used to prevent fasteners

    becoming loose due to vibration or no load. 

    When the fastener is assembled onto a mating thread, the patch forces the threads

    of the fastener to be wedged tightly against the mating thread,  providing resistance to loosening.

    The amount of nylon applied is controlled and is designed to ensure a good lead-in and

    provide a gradual development of locking torque to pre-determined specifications.


    The patch when applied is permanently fused onto the screw thread of the fastener and increases the prevailing removal torque by acting as a wedge, allowing the screw to be locked in any position upon assembly.

    This process provides excellent vibration resistance and torque performance for all applications requiring controlled loading, re-usability and eliminating the need for secondary locking devices and hand-applied liquid adhesives.

    Available either as 180 degree patch or a 360 degree gas seal patch around the thread.

    Nylon patches can be applied to a range of headed fasteners, studs, and plugs in steel, aluminium, stainless steel or brass.

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    Micro Encapsulated Adhesive Thread Locking Patch

    Pre-applied single use adhesive thread patch, which offers a lower assembly torque than a nylon prevailing torque type patch, but gives a high breakaway torque and the locking reliability of most other self-locking fasteners.


    Pre-applied adhesives are a dry to touch two part epoxy system or a single part anaerobic adhesive in micro-encapsulated, micro bubble form.

    The material is positioned in a 360deg band around the threaded portions of the fastener; when rotated against its mating thread, causes the capsules of adhesive to burst, releasing the material in and around the thread flanks, which then cures and forms a solid fill locking band.

    Various types of patches are available, each offering different strength and temperature performance and because of the 360deg thread coverage, they also give excellent sealing properties as well as thread locking.

    Pellet inserted into a drilled hole in a screw thread



    Pellet type self locking threaded fasteners obtain locking action from a permanently

    embedded  engineered plastic pellet compressed into a hole drilled in the threaded

    region of the fastener, to a depth slightly below the root of the thread. Pellet size and

    location are standard but can be altered to meet special requirements. The locking action,

    partly produced by friction developed between the pellet and the mating thread, results

    from the metal to metal thread friction opposite the locking pellet. The pellet acts as a

    wedge and creates a counter thrust when deformed, while the inherent memory of the

    pellet strives to regain its original shape, causing positive locking. 


    • Exceptional vibration resistance
    • Eliminates the need for lock washers or locking nuts
    • Non toxic, assembler friendly
    • Promotes ease of assembly
    • Applicable to various materials
    • Compatible with mating parts
    • Resistant to lubricants, fuel, hydraulic and fluids.
    • Durable
    • Cost effective
    • Nylon 66 (-56°C to 121°C)




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