Dowel Pins

Dowel pins

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Steel dowels for wood both wood to steel and wood to wood


The fastenerdata website features all the Pin categories. Hardened and soft dowel manufacturers and distributors populate the dowel pages  

Dowels feature extensively on the fastenerdata website with both DIN and ANSI pages containing images, drawings and dimension tables with the relevant details.
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Engineers steel dowel pins

Called Dowel pins for short are precision hardened and ground parallel pins, engineered to tight tolerance limits, for accurately locating and alignment, in drilled and reamed holes.


Dowels are available in a complete range of hardened and ground, steel soft steel and silver steel dowel pins, both plain or tapped for extraction, in both metric or imperial inch measurements. Custom pins to drawing can be manufactured to most customer requirements if volumes are required.

Dowel standards

  • BS 8734 

  • ISO 8734 A 

  • ISO 8734 B limits

  • BS 8735

  • ISO 8735 A 

  • ISO 8735 B limits

  • ISO 2338A

  • ISO 2338A (stainless dowels)

  • DIN 6325

  • DIN 7979

  • DIN 7


  • BS 1804 limits