Copper plating

Copper Plated Screws

Copper plated fasteners display excellent electrical conductivity, only exceeded by silver plating. when used as an undercoat for other plated coatings it improves corrosion resistance.
Cyanide-based bath chemistry produces a matte finish and dipping can produce

Light Bronze Antique

Copper electroplated and chromate dipped for a medium brown for matching oxidised copper fittings 

Dark Florentine Bronze

Copper electroplated and chromate dipped dark brown for matching oxidised copper fittings  


Copper fastener precoat   

Copper is used for plating on aluminium, steel and zinc, as it adheres well and minimises immersion deposits. Cyanide copper has excellent throwing power, which leads to fewer variations in thickness.

Nickel with a Copper precoat 

Electroplated copper is used as a base for nickel plate or for improved conductivity.


Copper plated Fasteners the benefits

  • Anti-galling on stainless steel threads for Gas and oil industry fasteners
  • Good solderability
  • Underplating to enhance adhesion of deposits of other metals
  • Copper plated bolts, nuts and screws possess improved electrical properties.
  • Impairs migration of alloying elements
  • Copper plated parts boast improved overall corrosion resistance
  • Soft and ductile for decorative finishes

Copper Plating