Brass Screws

Brass Screw

Electro brass is used for decorative fasteners; that have been commercially electroplated since the development of electro-brass in the 1850s. A brass finish applied to bolts and screws by electroplating appears similar to brass and is used in furniture or architectural fittings and used in the field of decorative ornaments for the home, hinges, handles, lamps and toys, and of course, the fasteners and screws to go with them.


Brass plated fasteners

Brass plated fasteners have a steel core with a thin layer of brass electroplated to it. To protect the brass plate, lacquer will be applied, allowing the brass to maintain its colour.



Brass Screw Electroplating

Electroplating of copper-zinc alloys or brass is obtained with cyano-alkaline baths and is more difficult than the single deposition of copper or zinc from the corresponding cyanide solutions. Usually, this alloy (yellow) consists of 70% copper and 30% zinc. Depending on the higher or lower copper content, it may tend to reddish or pale yellow.


Brass Screws Uniformity of Colour

Brass electroplating achieves greater uniformity of colour with a constant control of the baths, from the chemical, temperature, and current density point of view.