Automotive Fasteners

Automotive Fasteners 

Automotive manufacturers usually team up with fastener manufacturers and fastener suppliers, who have their own in-house application engineering teams; capable of meet technical, quality issues and fastener product development needs. 

Fasteners that do not perform require urgent on-site visits for problem-solving and improving assembly, techniques that are only a few of the demands on fastener suppliers. 

Fastener product testing, web control of drawings and 24/7 support are necessary for a fastener supplier to meet the industries demands. Quality documentation and the supply of sample fasteners PPAP Production Parts Approval Process are a mandatory requirement to commence fastener supply to automotive companies. 


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Bolts for Cars

Fasteners most significant market is the automotive industry. Automotive bolts nuts screws and inserts are generally used for clamping parts of the vehicle together to avoid their separation while transmitting driving loads as well as to prevent leakage of engine and gearbox joints and holding periphery parts to sheet steel. Automotive fasteners come in various shapes, sizes and coatings, colours to meet the demand of the automotive fastening market along with the attractive designs and quality. Over the last decade, multiple companies have been involved in the technological research and development of the automotive fastener and their coatings, which has resulted in superior quality fasteners and the growth of automotive fasteners market.

Screw Mass Production

Fastener manufacturing volumes for the automobile industry and the vital importance of fasteners in automobiles is a key driving factor of the automotive fasteners market. The technical developments and improvements in the quality and durability of fasteners is another driving factor. The easily replaceable nature of automotive fasteners makes it convenient for the end user consumers to purchase fasteners for their vehicles that would further boost the aftermarket of automotive fasteners. However, the alternative to automotive fasteners such as clinching and welding can slow down the growth of automotive fasteners aftermarket.

Automotive industry fasteners can prove a challenge to the fastener manufacturer and supplier; fastener companies that meet the task are shown here.