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Australian fasteners

Fastener distribution in Australia in many instances is a local one-stop shop supplying quality products with a locally available depth of stock. Same day dispatch, delivery service and a trade counter are standard for distributors. The larger fastener companies have warehouse locations with inventory in every state throughout Australia and New Zealand. Online Quotes, online ordering allows customers to check fastener product availability, price and place the order.

Australian Engineered Fasteners and Anchor Council (AEFAC) is an Australian fastener association seeking to enhance the specification, selection, design and installation of construction fasteners in Australian. Looking at the list of members the majority are construction fixing product suppliers though there are a small number of substantial fastener distributors.


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Fastener distributors in Australia

Supplying fasteners through distribution directly to fastener user, where the nut and bolt become part of their assembly or providing fasteners and service to companies maintaining machinery; this is only part of the Australian fastener story. Even though Australia is a vast country, it has an internal fastener supply network to rival both the USA and Europe. Australian fastener distributors supply from stock and have the ability to have fastener products made to order using Australian fastener manufacturers. Australian fastener distributors are well placed to tap into Asian fastener producers in Indian, Vietnam, China and Taiwan.