Thread Locking Adhesive Patch

Adhesive Patch

MICRO ENCAPSULATED FASTENERFasteners with Micro-Encapsulated Adhesive Thread Locking Patch 

Pre-applied single-use adhesive thread patch, which offers a lower assembly torque than a nylon prevailing torque type patch, but gives a high breakaway torque and the locking reliability of most other self-locking fasteners. 

Thread Patch

Pre-applied adhesives are dry to touch two-part epoxy system or a single part anaerobic adhesive in micro-encapsulated, microbubble form. 

Thread Seal

The material is positioned in a 360deg band around the threaded portions of the fastener; when rotated against its mating thread, causes the capsules of adhesive to burst, releasing the material in and around the thread flanks, which then cures and forms a solid fill locking band. 

Screw Thread Locking

Various types of patches are available, each offering different strength and temperature performance and because of the 360deg thread coverage, they also give excellent sealing properties as well as thread locking.




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