Screw Protection Ends-Tips

Tips on the end of socket set screws have been developed to overcome the damage caused by conventional pointed set screws. Cup point set screws are frequently used to mount rotating components onto shafts. The cup point tip is designed to cut into the mating shaft. This impression raises a circular ridge on the shaft and creates a strong connection.  While this is an advantage in permanent applications, it causes problems in situations where the shaft needs to be repositioned or removed. The raised circular ridge on the shaft caused by the cup point set screw resists repositioning of the mounted component and can damage both the shaft and the component.

Half-dog tips in nylon or brass and with oval tips in silver solder also roller ball spring load tips. These tipped set screws have graduated hardness and hold components in place without damage to the shaft or component.


 Nylon Tip




Copper Tip




Ball Tip with Spring