Weigh Scales

fastener weigh scales

Weighing scales are a measuring instrument for determining the weight of fasteners and other products. The term scale refers to the dish that is shown on historical counter balance scales. When both dishes are level then the weight is equal on both sides.





 weight to count fastener scalesScales to convert weight to count

The fastener industry sells its product by count and not weight, traditionally using counterbalance scales; I am sure a large number of warehouse still have a set.

Electronics now dominates in the majority of fastener warehouses with both electronic counterbalance and weigh to count.







Scales to weigh small screws and exotic materials

A high degree of precision is required for micro fasteners and screw made from expensive exotic materials. when money is involved the count becomes even more important.




pallet scales for fastenersLarge scales

When screws are ready for shipment they will be packed in outer cartons or placed on shipping pallets; a different set of scales is now required to give weight information to the carrier company.






Weigh scale calibration and testing with certification

It is an obligation for fastener companies to have their scales calibrated or tested, accreditation companies require this as part of their audit.