Fastener distributors

Fastener distributors both local and internationally are a very mixed group, from the local distributor offering a local service through to the national and international distributor with giant warehouses and the fastener stock to match; meeting the many needs of the market. Bolts, Nuts, Machine Screws, Socket Screws and Washers are what you would expect from a fastener distributor, this now extends to fasteners for sheet metal, pins and dowels and many niche fastener product groups including Micro and Massive screws and bolts. 

Fastener Suppliers

Specific markets place their demands on fastener distributors; the furniture market has its range of fastener products, and the construction sector extends from beam clamping, HSFG, anchor fixings through to the conventional wood screws. Fastener and fixing quality is essential for distributors supplying aerospace, oil, automotive and the gas are required to meet higher standards for documentation and product source. Specially produced fasteners are within the remit of many fastener distributors, with large volumes arriving from fastener producers from International suppliers.    


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