Taiwan Fastener Manufacturers

Fastener production in Taiwan is an integral part of the global fastener industry and during the last thirty years has become one of the most important fastener exporting countries.

Prized for its high quality raw material, talented technical people, long term production experience, stable material supply and adhesion to delivery, it is able to offer a high quality, on time, reasonably priced fastener product.

Its ability to innovate through research and development and its quality effective supply systems, allow it to obtain high quality tooling, heat treatment facilities, surface treatment plants and state of the art production equipment.

Not to forget Taiwanese fastener manufacturers ability to globally supply direct or through an extensive network of professional fastener trading companies.

Kaohsiung in the south of the country is the fastener manufacturing centre of excellence, producing for the demands of both its domestic market but primarily for overseas buyers.

Relatively free of anti-dumping tariffs on steel fasteners Taiwan has taken a lot of fastener business from China based on a comparative price and excellent quality. 




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