Fastener manufacturing in the United Kingdom is impressive and a capable force, it extends through manufacturing for the volume markets and onto small manufacturers who meet the many needs of the marketplace. Branded fastener products are produced and distributed not only in the UK but also into international markets. Socket Screws, Bolts, Nuts, Machine Screws and Washers can all be manufactured in the UK, inserts rivets and non-threaded fasteners and other specialised fasteners are also produced in the UK. Bespoke fasteners are extensively manufactured with the direct support of various volume OEM's. Fastener manufacturers and reworkers  in the UK produce over 100,000 tonnes of different fastener products each year, for use throughout industry and tend to be small niche operators that target high-value segments, such as automotive and aerospace, whose customers are very conscious of reliability and quality Advanced engineering Fastener companies use the latest CAD-CAM design software, coupled with sophisticated forging technology to constantly improve production standards, reduce defects and improve efficiency.

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Detailed information of UK fastener manufacturers, cold and hot forgers