Hot Forged Fasteners

Fasteners manufactured by the hot forged method require the use of heat to soften the metal to make it easier to shape, this is called forging and takes its name from the black smiths forge. This is the original method of producing fasteners, bolts; hot metals were beaten into shape with a hammer.

The big change is that the hammer is now a mechanical device and the forge has been replaced by an induction heater. 

The idea of mass producing hot forged fasteners primarly bolts was originated with Micah Rugg, a town blacksmith. In 1818 in Connecticut USA, he invented a machine for making carriage bolts. Up to 1839  Rugg's made around 3,000 hot forged bolts, during 1839 he devoted his whole attention to bolts and nuts and in 1840, he took a partner Martin Barnes, constituting the firm of Rugg & Barnes. In the first year they produced over 100,000 hot forged bolts. 

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  • The fastener market is demanding more hot forged fastener product Heaxon and other headed Bolts and Socket screws  
  • Large diameters and exclusively above M36 are produced by hot forging. 
  • Extreme long lengths again lend themselves to hot forging. 
  • Short productions runs for diameters M5 and above make hot forging a prefered alternative to avoid the high set up costs for cold forging. 

Hot forged fasteners include:

  • hot forged hexagon bolts din 931 
  • hot forged hexagon set screws
  • hot forged socket cap screws
  • hot forged eye bolts
  • hot forged bolt blanks
  • hot forged metric, UNF, UNC, BSF & BSW (Whitworth) threadforms
  • hot forging fasteners from M6 (1/2") to M52 (2") Diameter.
  • hot forged Lengths up to 900mm (36").
  • hot forged hexagon headed Bolts large heads
  • hot forged square head Bolts
  • hot forged cup square hexagon bolts
  • hot forged cup round hexagon bolts
  • hot forged csk countersunk square bolts
  • hot forged plough bolts
  • hot forged square square hexagon holding down bolts
  • hot forged cup nib bolts
  • hot forged csk countersunk nib bolts
  • hot forged indented foundation bolts
  • hot forged Ajax bolts
  • hot forged Pyramid bolts
  • hot forged T bolts
  • hot forged petrochemical bolts, nuts, studbolts in L7, L7M, B8, B8M
  • hot forging in metric grades 4.6, 8.8, 10.9, 12.9 and 14.9
  • hot forged Imperial grades, mild Steel and HT high tensile grades 'R','S','T,'V'
  • hot forging of exotic materials, Super Duplex, Monel, Inconel 

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hot forged fasteners