Washers and Pressings

Flat washers are produced by pressing the preferred method to produce flat washers; dished and bent washers are also be produced by pressing.

Washer companies can produce a diverse range of washers and metal pressings, covering a spectrum of sizes, for a broad variety of product applications. Washers and metal pressings are created from a range of ferrous and nonferrous materials including mild steel, stainless steel, aluminium, copper and brass, depending on specific customer requirements and end product application.



Flat washer comparison tables






Washers and Pressings

Post production processes such as cleaning, de-burring chamfering and polishing operations are also available to the fastener distributor.  Typical washer and metal presswork product applications include use within the automotive, construction, electrical and healthcare markets. Other washers include spring lock, tab lock, dished spring, and locking washers.



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