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The above links take you to the manufacturers in European countries. Europe has major production of both cold and hot forged product and specialist facilities for producing home designed fastener products



The global yearly sales for Industrial Fasteners are forecast to reach £50 billion before 2020. Key factors fuelling market growth include revival in fasteners for motor vehicle production, increased demand from developing regions, and potential growth in fastener and fixing demand in construction, electrical, electronic, and aerospace sectors


The global industrial fastener market performed a dramatic rebound following the poor market conditions prevailing during the global economic crisis. Demand for durable goods and a strong pick up in the motor vehicle output are anticipated.  Significantly, a major portion of this sales growth would be surfacing out of emerging markets located in the Asia-Pacific region, especially China. Continuous increase in motor vehicle production provided industrial fastener manufacturers with new sales opportunities in countries such as China, currently the largest manufacturer of motor vehicles.


Chinese suppliers would be able to surpass US record production levels, thereby becoming the leading manufacturers of fasteners in the world. Fastener manufacturers based in developed regions including Japan, Western Europe and the US would continue to lead the production scenario for superior and highly-engineered fasteners. Chinese fastener manufacturers, in an attempt to remain competitive, are narrowing down the technological gap by acquiring technological and manufacturing expertise, and improving their accessibility to capital. Growth in demand for industrial fasteners in developed regions such as Japan, Western Europe and the US has been considerably slower compared to advances in the developing nations. Strong recuperation in motor vehicle and durable goods demand and output would sustain growth in the developed nations.


Government investments in commercial and military aircraft and impending aerospace projects such as solar research, aerospace shuttles and scientific recoverable satellites, have added to the growth in demand for aerospace fasteners. Restrictions on Chinese fastener imports have popularized Industrial Fasteners from Taiwan in the global market.


Bolts represent the largest product segment in the industrial fasteners market. Growing demand for specialized aircraft products and renovations, upgrades, add-ons of existing houses, apartment complexes, and other buildings are major factors propelling growth in this product category. Non-threaded standard and high performance fasteners are forecast to experience the highest demand in the next few years. High performance fasteners are likely to derive demand from new car and automotive applications. Aerospace and automotive would continue to generate bulk of the industrial fastener demand. Fasteners used in electronic products, along with plastic fasteners and high-performance and high-end specialty designs, are expected to have fastest growth rates. Screws constitute the second largest product category in the global industrial fastener market.